When you grow up in a small town...

it may cause a person to not push themselves as hard because of the lack of outlets but KayohCookItUp did not let that box him in.  

Born and raised in South Charleston, West Virginia Kayoh started out as many do in hiphop as a rap artist. He and a group of friends created a local group called Myndless Musik and they would rap over instrumentals or jacked beats that they found on the internet. As time went on they wanted to start making original music so Kayoh found a program that was getting more and more popular called Fruity Loops or FL Studio. Years passed as Kayoh got better with production and signed with WV's biggest label Soundvision. He dropped a few projects with them and decided to move to Tampa, Florida to go to school at IADT for audio production. It wasnt exactly what he thought it was going to be so that didnt last long at all so him and his family moved back to WV. Time passed and him and his family wanted to move back to Tampa so they did. Kayoh linked up with Richie Wess & Yung Dred and was an in-house producer for YTC. That lead to him producing for all of Tampa's hottest artist and continuing to build and progress as a producer. In the midst of all of the Florida work he made connections on the internet with many other people and ended up with a few big placements with people like Mike Stud, Futuristic, Moosh & Twist, Kevin Gates, Young Dolph, Chinx, Rich The Kid, Larry June, Bankroll Fresh, Swag Hollywood, Sy Ari Da Kid, and more.